Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

quote-left-smallThe cornerstone of our success is placing quality first.quote-right-small


A Warm welcome to Yathar Cho Industry!

We are not the first instant noodle company in Myanmar but we are the market leader in the instant noodle industry. The cornerstone of our success is placing quality first. We started out as a company with the desire to provide fresh, affordable, high quality products for the consumers in Myanmar and we have stayed true to this commitment since the beginning of operations.

We have continuously added new flavours and introduced new management, production and quality techniques into our processes and activities. This has led to the culmination of being awarded with ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, GHP Certificates for Quality Management Systems, Safety and Hygiene.

quote-left-smallThe pursuit of quality is a never ending journeyquote-right-small

We are constantly upgrading our systems and will continue to seek new and relevant techniques to deliver the best quality and value to our consumers. Our products are enjoyed by millions of customers in Myanmar and we look forward to serving billions more worldwide.