About Us

Yathar Cho Industry Ltd started operations on 2 April 1997 as the manufacturer and distributor of Yum Yum brand instant noodles in Myanmar.

Through an unyielding focus on quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, the company has grown many-fold from its humble beginnings, becoming the leading brand in the market.

Yum Yum enjoys a commanding market share in the instant noodle space and is one of the most widely distributed products in the food category.

Great emphasis is placed on quality and innovation in order to consistently deliver delight and value to our consumers. This belief has guided us to achieve quality assurance systems such as ISO 9001:2015, HACCP, GMP and Halal Certification, not only to build brand confidence but also to ensure brand competence.

The relentless pursuit of quality will always be our commitment in everything we currently do and will endeavour to achieve in the future.